Frequently questions.


ØHow to book a vehicle?

You can book yourself through the website

 or send an e-mail to

or contact us on 920004507.

ØHow can I book through website?

You can book through the website  and the reservation is at the least made 4 hours before receiving the car.
As for booking, you can follow the below steps:
- Choosing the pickup location  and the drop off
- After that choose the date and time of pickup
- Then choose the desired car from the available then press book now .
-After that choose the add-ons as desired.
- Then the reservation details will fully appear ,full the voucher and press confirm.
- Read Terms & conditions.
- choosing a payment method and completing the reservation by paying.
- And like that the reservation is complete and will get an SMS with the reservation number. 

ØHow can I modify my booking?

     You cannot modify the booking through your account in the website you Must contact our number 920004507 4 hours before the trip.

ØIs the baby seat service available? and what are the conditions to be benefits from the service?

The service is available. You need to added  it with extra charge during booking. The service is only available at airport branches and subjected to availability.

ØI Already paid the amount and still couldn’t make a booking, why?

You can reach us through the E-mail or, 920004507.

ØI made a booking from web-site  and couldn’t take the car?

You can reach us through the E-mail or, 920004507.

ØCan I ask the driver to pickup or buy anything during my trip?

No , the drivers isn’t allowed to stop or to go to any other place except his destination.

ØWhat are the vehicles’ color?

All of them luxury black.

ØWhat are the types of the vehicles?

We provide Mercedes Bens ,BMW,GMC, Steria ,Lexus and ford .

ØDo you provide water and tissue in the vehicles?

Yes, of course.